Our desire is to combine pleasure, the calm of the property, the beauty of the surrounding landscape and nature with its scents, with an artistic element, focusing in particular on music.

Throughout the year, we offer music holidays, organized  over periods of at least 2 days and 3 nights: arrive in Corsica on Friday evening and return on Sunday evening. The following is included in the package: travel within Corsica, accommodation and meals prepared by professional chefs. 

We offer  concerts   or  lectures   with Jean - Marc SAVELLI , the “Soul of Music”, master classes for amateur and professional pianists and concerts and exhibitions with other artists.


Jean - Marc SAVELLI has performed many times in prestigious venues all over Europe including the Salle Gaveau and Salle Pleyel. His programmes are mainly dedicated to F. Chopin, F. LISZT and C. DEBUSSY.

In addition to classical concerts, Jean-Marc SAVELLI also interacts with the public by providing  lectures and concerts on the following composers :

Discover the world of music across the three
major periods of classical music: classical romantic and contemporary

An introduction to the evening followed by an initial discussion with the audience, finding out about their tastes in music, whether they play an instrument...
Performance of a first work with explanations.
Discussion with the audience and answering questions about the work performed. Four works will be performed during the event.

The evening will close with a performance of all of the works presented.

This approach makes classical music  more accessible; Jean-Marc describes the content of these evenings at lectures and concerts in the following way:

“It is common to describe composers and their influences with a list of dates; my presentation, however, does not adhere to this form of interpretation.

Being a performer who is also passionate about teaching, I try to help guests to discover each composer through their music, primarily because composers are human beings who are endowed with such sensitivity that only music is able to satisfy their creative genius.

Therefore, it is naturally through music and the sounds it creates that I attempt to express the specific nature of each composer by performing one or more of their works that best illustrate their approach to music”

For further information on the various events organized, as well as their dates and terms and conditions, please send us an enquiry by email. Thank you.


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